Mini-foamer Stainless comes with special collar


Mini -brushed stainless foam producing soap pump head. Elegant sturdy style. Real 304 stainless metal not plated plastic. Foamers use a economical mix of 1/3 soap and 2/3 water to produce a smooth luxurious foam, or shaving cream like puff of soap. These pumps fit on a 28 400 bottle closure or threads that measure about 1.0625 (1-1/16") inches to the outside diameter of the threads or 28mm. Due to its wider foaming mechanism this model will NOT fit inside the orafice of some bottles with standard threads. So we have included the special collar! with the wider orafice. Mini-Foamers come with a 8 inch, capillary like, long tube, all together will fit a 10 inch tall bottle but can easily be cut to a smaller size.

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