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     This ten-foot tall anatomically correct heart beats, and the coronary arteries light up to show the flow of blood. The exhibit teaches coronary anatomy and even simulates a heart attack. Complete with 16 interactive button actuated, sound synchronized, animations- all narrated, in an informative, yet entertaining fashion. Each of the 16 panels have descriptive text and detailed illustrations.

The Making of the Giant Animatronic Heart

This exhibit took over three years to construct and program. First Adam Rubinstein, medical illustrator sculpted a large scale sculpture of a realistic heart, the sculpture was made of plaster and wood. After this step a mold was produced out of a silicone molding compound. Pigments were ground into a specially mixed translucent silicone rubber. From the mold translucent silicone was used to cast the giant heart, the illuminated coronary arteries were wired and embedded into this layer, and the coloration of the heart applied in reverse into the mold.

    Then the sculptural casting received a core of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin. Which was needed to support the rubber. Struts were installed inside to support the pneumatic actuators. The pneumatics were installed and the the piece was removed from the mold. The entire process was conceptualized and supervised by Adam Rubinstein, and assisted by other artists such as Mark Molchan, and electronics designer Doug Pitts.

    After removal from the mold the piece of the heart were assembled and the micro-surface detailing applied in "silicone paint" which we custom mixed, this was a very involved and time consuming process, as the silicone took so long to catalyze it would run off off the sculpture before it turned to rubber. We solved this problem by timing the application of the catalyst to the silicone in shifts, so we would always have the proper consistency of silicone to paint with.

    Then the pneumatic actuators were programed to follow an audio track, Gilderfluke Company provided the electronic motion control electronics. The giant animatronic heart is on display at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville TN. The exhibit was reprogrammed to apeal to their visitor audience.

     The entire heart glistens with a sheen, like it was just removed from the body, and each coronary artery lights up independently. The most spectacular educational display on the heart produced to date.

Giant animatronic heart -
Veterinary Illustration of Skeletal System -
Veterinary Illustration of Digestive System -
Animated medical illustration of a blocked coronary artery -
Laser atherectomy -
Womens body with age -
Open heart open -
Medical illustration of the structural makeup of a coronary artery -
AIDS virus attacking t-cell -
Insect Illustration -
Veterinary Illustration of Muscular System -
Women with chest pain -
Logo and package design -
Electronic illustration for Stroke Advertisement -
Electronic illustration of a papilloma in the lactiferous ducts of the breast -
Electronic illustration of a clot in a coronary artery -
Life Cycle of Hook Worm -
Scabies mite book illustration -
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