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Exhibit Production
-The making of the giant walkthrough heart valve
-Articles about our exhibit design
-Heartthrob™ Costume
- Get to the Heart of the Matter.
-Artists put 'heart' into everything they're creating.
-Work in Progress
-Making of the electroluminescent artery display

Ceramic Art
- Recent Work
- Vase with scuptural cups
- Crystalline Platters
- Vase with writhing man
- Crystalline Plates
- Snake Vase
- Ice Cream pot
- Sculptural vase
- Hands of Time
- Vase with ball shaped lid
- Rounded spool shaped raku fired vase
- Crystal Glazed Bowl
- High Fire Large Vase
- High fired ceramic vase with wasp
- Square Shaped Bowls
- Triangle Shaped Bowls
- Heart Shaped Bowls
- Design and order your own heart shaped bowl
- Musical vase with ears
- Custom Handmade Sinks
- Crystalline Glazed Sinks
- Handmade Sinks
- Handcrafted Sinks
- Custom Sinks
- Handmade basin sinks
- Handmade vessel sinks
- Unusual and unique vessel sinks
- Artistic sinks
- Original Sinks
- Sinks in stock now
- Really Cool sinks
- Handmade Tile
- Famous pottery shoppers
- Soap Dispenser pumps
- Mason Jar Soap Pumps
- Custom Soap Pump Tops
- Yellow raku vase
- Large raku pot with carved surface
- Small raku pot
- Raku sky pot
- Vase with fly
- Ceramic jar with sculptured lid
- Round tea bowls
- Square decoration vase
- Raku pottery technique
- Turquoise crystaline vase
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Southern California Directory

  • 2013-2014 Schedule:
    Call or email to confirm show locations
    See You There!

  • San Diego California, April 27- 28th:
    Mission Federal ArtWalk Little Italy, San Diego

  • Calabasas California, May 4- 5th:
    The 16th Annual Calabasas Fine Arts Festival

  • Sunset Beach California, May 11- 12th:
    The 46th Annual Sunset Beach Arts Festival

  • Beverly Hills California, May 18- 19th:
    The Beverly Hills Art Show

  • Morro Bay California, May 25,26,27th:
    Morro Bay Art in the Park 2013

  • La Jolla California, June 22-23:
    La Jolla Festival of the Arts 2013

  • Los Altos California, July 13-14th:
    34 Annual Los Altos Art and Wine Festival 2013

  • Palo Alto California, August 24-25th:
    Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

  • Morro Bay California, September 1,2-3rd:
    Morro Bay Art Association Art Art in the Park

  • Capitola Soquel California, September 11-12th
    Capitola Art & Wine

  • Boulder City Nevada, October 6-7th
    50th Annual Art in the Park, October 6th and 7th, 2012

  • Danville California, October 20-21st
    Danville Fall Crafts Festival

  • Fountain Hills Arizona, November 9-11th
    The Fountain Festival of Arts & Crafts Founain Hills AZ

  • La Quinta Californa November 24th
    Art Under the Umbrellas La Quinta California

  • Tempe Arizona November 30, December 1-2
    2012 Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts

  • Tucson 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair December 7, 8, 9, 2012
    4th Avenue Winter Street Fair December 7, 8, 9, 2012

  • La Quinta Californa January 12th
    Art Under the Umbrellas La Quinta California

  • Southwest Arts Festival Indio California 25,26,27th 2013
    Southwest Arts Festival¨

  • July 4th:
    Ventura 4th of July Street Fair, CA

  • July 10-11th
    Los Altos Art and Wine, Los Altos, California

  • August 28-29th
    Palo Alto Arts Festival

  • Sept. 4th 5th and 6th:
    Feista De Arts Hermosa Beach CA.

  • September 11th and 12th
    Capitola Soquel, Ca

  • September 26th
    Abbott kinney District Association Street Fair

  • October 2, 3rd
    Boulder City Art in the Park, Boulder City NV

  • October
    Beverly Hills, Tenative

  • October 23-24th
    Danville Fall Festival, CA

  • November 12-14th
    Fountain Hills Great Fair

  • November 22-23
    Scottsdale Festival of the Arts tenative

  • November 27th
    Art under The Umbrellas
    La Quinta Ca

  • December 3, 4, and 5th
    Mill Street Merchants Association Art Fair, Tempe Arizona

  • December 10, 11, and 12th
    Fourth Avenue District Association Art Fair, Tucson Arizona

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    Giant animatronic heart-
    Veterinary Illustration of Skeletal System-
    Veterinary Illustration of Digestive System-
    Animated medical illustration of a blocked coronary artery-
    Laser atherectomy-
    Womens body with age-
    Open heart open-
    Medical illustration of the structural makeup of a coronary artery-
    AIDS virus attacking t-cell-
    Insect Illustration-
    Veterinary Illustration of Muscular System-
    Women with chest pain-
    Logo and package design-
    Electronic illustration for Stroke Advertisement -
    Electronic illustration of a papilloma in the lactiferous ducts of the breast-
    Electronic illustration of a clot in a coronary artery-
    Life Cycle of Hook Worm-
    Scabies mite book illustration-

    Award Winning Ceramic Floor Design Gets to the Heart of Wellness -
    Interior Design of Heart Hospital Patient Rooms -
    Interior Design of Hospital Lobby -
    Exhibit Design and the California Museum of the Heart -
    Museum gets to the heart of the matter -

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