Big Bronze Foamer


     Large bronze foam producing soap pump head.  Elegant sturdy style. Real metal not plated plastic. Foamers use a economical mix of 1/3 soap and 2/3 water to produce a smooth luxurious foam, or shaving cream like puff of soap. These pumps fit on a 46 400 bottle closure or threads that measure about 1.811 inches to the outside diameter of the threads. Foamers come with a 8 inch long tube, altogether will fit a 10 inch tall bottle but can easily be cut to a smaller size.  (Will fit glue down collar rings for foamers in black or clear) Potters and crafters use with foamer collars in black or clear or with large, foam gray, neck thread mold. Call for more than nine hundred qty. IN STOCK AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

For Large Qty Orders Call for quote 760 323 1567

Very small quantities?: An order of 9 gives best shipping price per pump

(ship up to 9 for the same low price!) 

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