Threaded neck molds for foamers new model


This Collar mold allows you to make your own foamer thread on your soap pumps or lotion bottles!

Use these molds with your own clay body or your own slip. Works with cone 10 clay body and is made with calculated 13% shrinkage in mind. We can also provide foamer thread molds in 14.5 percent shrinkage 15 percent and 16 percent shrinkage by custom order for higher shrinkage clay bodies. Please order a minimum of three items. These molds only fit our line of foaming soap pump tops! The molds you make can be attached to your pots while they are still wet OR you can bisque them separately and glaze them on. Watch the "you tube" video for complete step by step instructions on how to use the collar molds while throwing on the wheel which we feel is the best solution. IN STOCK AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Patent Pending color coded system.

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