Foaming Soap Pump Dramatic Crystalline Glaze


This one of a kind, handmade, foaming soap dispenser, with a very dramatic unusual glazing process, this ceramic soap dispenser is signed and formed by the artist Hong Rubinstein, is a unique blend of visual drama and the functional form. The small bumps and textures make it easy to grab with slippery hands. Made of high fired porcelain, it can be ordered with different foaming metal dispenser heads, (only foaming heads) please specify which foaming head and the metal finish when checking out in the comment section. This item is ceramic and must ship via UPS! please do not specify the USPS envelope delivery option. Approximately 8 inch tall by 4 inch wide. This is an original work of functional art, not easily duplicated. Foaming soap pumps use a blend of 1/3 liquid soap to 2/3 water ratio, or use with pre-watered down over the counter "foaming soap".

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