Graphite thread mold for hot glass


This special high temperature fine-grained graphite neck collar thread form allows production thread on your blown glass or lamp work soap pumps or lotion bottles! The threads are rounded and calculated to fit size 28-400 soap pumps of One Dream Design.
Threads are formed by dropping the form on the small neck of a bottle form, then opening with jacks, and pressing from the inside of the bottle neck out pushing the hot glass into the molds threads. Best not to allow rotation of the tool in relation to the bottle the as this, will wipe out the threads. ( tool should spin with bottle) When the glass has cooled the mold can then be unscrewed from the bottle. This is the best method of making threads, and it takes a while to get the technique down, But when you are done, its a fool proof, tight fit. Eliminates the need for bonding ferrules and ugly cork solutions.
This tool does not create pipe-thread, but standard bottle cap threads!

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