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This giant insect represents a species of wasp that will be cast in a lightweight polymer, suspended from the ceiling. The wings will be made out of dichroic glass. This is a project I am doing just for fun in the evenings. There is no commercial sponsor or patron for this project yet. I would like to do a series of wasp sculptures and am seeking a museum sponsor who would like to display the sculptures for a set period of time after they are completed. Wasps have a truly unique form, their huge elaborate abdomens hang on a slender stalk which makes them a sculptural challenge. Also the finished pieces will be painted to match the unique coloration of the wasp which in some species can be striking.

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Giant animatronic heart-
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Womens body with age-
Open heart open-
Medical illustration of the structural makeup of a coronary artery-
AIDS virus attacking t-cell-
Insect Illustration-
Veterinary Illustration of Muscular System-
Women with chest pain-
Logo and package design-
Electronic illustration for Stroke Advertisement -
Electronic illustration of a papilloma in the lactiferous ducts of the breast-
Electronic illustration of a clot in a coronary artery-
Life Cycle of Hook Worm-
Scabies mite book illustration-

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