Our one of a kind sinks are each made by hand, so the dimensions shapes are each a spectacular blend of creativity and functional drama, We can make the basin sinks from as tiny as 8-9 inch diameter which is about the smallest functional size, or standard size 16" to up to about 20" diameter. They are all high fired to 2400 degrees and made of the purest porcelain.
Our price range for the sinks is from around $180. to 560. depending on the complexity of the design shape and glaze combinations. We also have made sinks with sculptural additions, and relief carving on the inside or outside. We can custom make the sinks to your order in any of the colors you see on our site (check under the other ceramic links to pick more colors) Call us we will be excited to hear your ideas. Our recent work has been in the exploration of crystalline glazes for functional ware. The crystalline glazing process is a challenging blend of science and art where no two pieces come out alike. The glazing process actually involves the growing of crystals in the molten glass of the glaze. It is not only spectacular process to look at but also amazing in its uniqueness!

Model Product Image Item Name Price
Nickel with sculptural additions Sink with flowing shape and sculptural additions

Sink with flowing shape and sculptural additions


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newgreen oval sink Green unusual shaped vessel sink

Green unusual shaped vessel sink


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rectangular nickel cobalt sink Rectangular Blue Green Sink

Rectangular Blue Green Sink


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