Metal soap pump top-Bird Head- Stainless 2cc


This standard size soap dispenser, or lotion dispenser pump, is constructed for high use and longevity, it is made from real metal, not plated plastic!, It has a Stainless steel like exterior finish, or a brushed nickel like appearance. It's rounded top and protruding spout, with some imagination, look much like the head of a small bird, so we call this model the "Stainless steel bird head" TM. It has an internal stainless steel spring and glass ball for quality performance. The soap dispenser pumps fluid delivery is 2cc, thread size is 28/400 tube size is 22.5 centimeters can be cut easily to desired length. Use as a replacement soap dispenser top, or make some soap pumps yourself using this durable and high quality dispenser, since it fits most standard size soap pump bottles. IN STOCK AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT! Pump also fits screw threads created in ceramic, or hot glass using our custom screw thread mold forming tools, and our glue down collar thread rings.

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