Copper lid for mason jars minimum 10 qty box


Must add 10 qty to the cart for this special price. This regular mouth canning jar, Mason Jar, lid that is made of high grade solid copper. High quality bright copper lids to fit regular mouth / small mouth mason jars. These lids can be used for a number of crafts. Pre-drilled 1-1/6" hole, perfect for a soap dispenser, or candle. The lid allows you to easily make a soap or lotion dispenser out of your favorite Mason jar. Lid simply screws onto any small mouth canning or mason jar. The copper lids are uncoated to allow patination or other artistic effects, and can be coated to keep the shiny copper look. come with a poly liner for leakproof seal. Use for that industrial retro look.  IN STOCK AVAILABLE NOW FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT!

Lid has a pre-drilled 1-1/16" hole, order with our soap pumps and collar rings. Simply slip the soap pump through the hole and screw on the collar from below. 


  • Lid fits regular mouth canning jars
  • brushed copper gleaming apearence
  • 1 1/16 inches diameter - Predrilled Hole
  • Fits any standard mouth canning jar
  • Recommend hand washing, appropriate for food use, but has a hole, (not air tight)
  • real copper! scrub off any corrosion that may occur!

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