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Repurposed Jars and Bottles Make Great Soap Pumps

es Deutch

A cobalt blue spring water bottle
recycled into a soap pump
This is a bottle we repurposed into a soap pump, we simply cleaned off the label with goo gone and screwed on the soap pump, oh yes we drank the spring water first.

      Buy a soap pump top

mason jar soap pump

This is an mason jar from speghetti sauce, we drilled a hole in the lid then attached a birdhead brushed gold soap pump, to the top.

a hole
is drilled in a mason jar lid for a mason jar soap pump

A collaring is used to attach the pump
This was a straight forward and simple process, we marked the center and used a 1" drill bit on some of the lids others, we used a greenlee hole punch 1" the greenlee punch method was very proffessional, we then threaded up the collar ring from the bottom of the lid.

soap pump made from chilli sauce jar

This martinelli's bottle makes a cute soap pumps

These are two smaller bottles and jars we converted to undergo a second life as a soap pump, the jars were just too cute to throw away, spray panted the lid after drilling the hole.

If you would like to try out these green projects click the buy link above to buy a few soap pump tops.

Coconut juice bottle had an interesting shape.
A coconut juice bottle had an interesting shape.

A starbucks coffee bottle.
A starbucks coffee bottle.

A starbucks coffee bottle.
A starbucks coffee bottle also works perfectly for the foamers just screw it on.

A starbucks coffee bottle.
A starbucks coffee bottle looks much better without the label, perfect for sandblasting on or decorating.

A collaring is
used to attach the pump
Bottles that have no threads represent an interesting challange, you can glue our specially designed collar rings to the neck of these types of bottles. Our collar rings have small ridges inside to keep them from spinning off. We find the best glue to use is this 3mScotchweld dp 8005, but Marine Epoxy, and Gorrilla Super Glue gel also worked, but not as well.

A collaring is
used to attach the pump


soap pump made from wine bottles
beer bottles

Glueing collar rings on to wine bottles to make soap pumps

This method works well for wine bottles, beer bottles, or any bottles that have a rounded lip or a pry off cap. We dip the tip of the neck into the glue which has to be done pretty quick after mixing it up, and then let the glue set up overnight upside down with the collar glued on so the glue wont run down. The collar rings actually set right on the edge of the lip.

a Coconut juice
bottle had an interesting shape.
A standard brown beer bottle with inverted cone copper metal soap pump top.

A starbucks
coffee bottle.
A a cool beer bottle with  modern rainbow stainless top.

Here is
another way to turn bottles with out threads into soap or lotion pumps
Here is another way to turn bottles with out threads into soap or lotion pumps, use a 1cc pump and a synthetic cork, 2cc can also be used but would require a larger hole, carefully drill a 1/2" hole in the cork.

Here is a way to turn bottles with out threads into soap or lotion
Stuff the cork into the top of the bottle, and push the the soap pump in. Its a really tight fit, most likely leakproof, it might be a good way to dispense other fluids like infused oils as well as the standard soaps and lotions.

Here is a way to turn bottles
with out threads into soap or lotion pumps
This may not be a good way to dispense beer, but it is a good way to attach pumps to bottles with out threads.

Here is a way to turn bottles with out threads into foaming soap
Here is a way to attach the larger foaming pumps to bottles with out threads, mark the center of the lid.

Drill a 1-3/4 inch hole using a
hole saw
Drill a 1 and 3/4 inch hole in the center of the lid using a hole saw drill bit, for super proffessional results and speed you can also use a panel punch.

collar ring for foamer pumps

a foamer collar ring to attach the pump to the lid
Use a foamer collar ring, available in black or clear, to attach the pump to the lid.
attach the pump
Voila... its finished.

This is a snapple bottle we recycled to a soap pump, note the pronounced 'S' on the bottle.

attach the pump

we used that S to make an interesting sandblasted design on the bottle, upcycling the bottle.

First we peeled off the old label printed out the letters 'O A P' on a sticky mailing label

attach the pump
we cut out the letters and used tape and the label to mask the rest of the whole bottle to sandblast it cleanly.

attach the pump
we used a cheapo blast cabinet to etch the glass.

attach the pump
This technique could really dress up an old bottle.

attach the pump
Here it is! with pump mounted on top and all the label and the tape cleaned off, a green way to package soap products.

     Your imagination is your only limitation make some soap pumps for your home.

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