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Mason Jar Pumps

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antique mason jar soap pump with old world style soap pump head in bronze
Ball smooth walled mason jar with bronze lid, and well pump style soap pump top

      Really cool old fashioned soap pumps can easily be made from old Mason jars, ball jars, canning jars, preserve jars, and other standard 70mm mouth jars. Its a simple craft project that makes satisfying gifts and modern rustic accents for country decor. Its also a unique way to brand, sell, and dispense your own homemade soaps, and liquid items, in an enviromentally friendly way when compared to disposable plastic packaging.

Regular mouth mason jars are ubiquitous and can be found at your local grocers or repurpose them by washing out your old spagetti sauce or pickle jar
Regular mouth mason jars are ubiquitous and can be found at your local grocers, or just repurpose them by washing out an old spagetti sauce jar.
a hole is drilled in a mason jar lid for a mason jar soap pump in a
 Mason jar, Ball jar or preserve jar lid

A collar ring is used to attach the soap pump to a mason jar
      You can always drill your own lid, this is a straight forward and simple process, we marked the center and used a 1-1/16" drill bit on some of the lids, others, we used a greenlee hole punch 1-1/16" the greenlee punch method was very proffessional, we then threaded up the collar ring from the bottom of the lid. A little glue added around the rim of the hole for a leakproof seal. Normal jar lids are made of tin plated steel, the interior usually is coated to prevent the food from corroding the metal, if you want to turn a regular lid into a soap pump, you must coat the outside of the lid and the cut edge of the hole for maximum corrosion resistance. But if all this sounds too involved the One Dream Design team has created pre-drilled lids, and stainless steel adapters for regular mouth mason jars. And a bunch of pre-drilled lids to make your project go smoother.

Stainless steel mason jar soap pump adapters provide oxidation resistant method of attaching soap pumps to mason jars
Stainless steel mason jar soap pump adapters provide oxidation resistant method of attaching soap pumps to mason jars. One method uses a non-threaded adapter disk in combination with a collar ring, the other a threaded 304 stainless adapter which has stainless threads and does not require glueing.

Stainless steel adapters can be screwed down under regular mouth mason jars to create a mason jar soap pump.
Two soap pumps made with two different stainless adapters for mason jars showing a bird head mason jar soap pump and an inverted cone mason jar soap pump.

One Dream Design offers pre-drilled mason jar soap pump lids with a variety of styles to choose from. Each have their unique specifications.

Mason Jar Pump lids regular skirt for tight seal
Tight sealing mason jar soap pump lids offer a tight seal so soaps or other liquids can be sold in the bottles with the metal pumps mounted on the top, shown in silver, brass, black, these are tin plated steel and are coated on the underside for oxidation resistance, but its best to give them a top coat to keep the soap from oxidizing the outside of the lids.

vintage style mason jar soap pump lids
Two vintage style mason jar soap pump lids, in bronze, and galvanized steel.

vintage style mason jar soap pump foamer lids
We also stock vintage lids in bronze and galvanized that are adapted for large foaming soap pumps, they have a larger hole and collar rings for large foaming soap pumps.

rust proof stainless mason jar lid for soap pumps
We also stock rust resistant or rustproof lids in 304 stainless steel that are adapted for soap pumps, they have a hole and use collar rings for soap pumps, dont require a coating and have a poly liner for a tight seal.

Mason Jar Soap Pump Kit bird head 1cc

Mason jar Pump kit has all products needed except the jar to make your own mason jar soap pump
Mason jar Pump kits have the products needed, except the jar, b.y.o.b. bring your own bottle... to make your own mason jar soap pump shown above are two: the bird head 1cc Mason Jar Soap pump kit, and the EZ Pleaser Mason Jar Soap Pump Kit.

One Dream Design has many different Mason Jar Soap Pump Kits and can also custom package kits for your retail application.

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