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Hearthrob™ Costume
A unique and dramatic exhibit for trade shows and health fairs!

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Hearthrob™, is an adorable character whose eyes blink, can look side to side, cheeks pulsate, and he has a light-up blinking heart on his chest!. Hearthrob's head and body habitus appear short, and cute, watching Heartthrob move through a space is at once attention getting and endearing. Heartthrob cannot only entertain and attract attention but can walk and talk among the crowd to represent your product or promote your facility. Perfect for medical or hospital trade shows, and health fair rental. Heartthrob is an inexpensive way to bring life, drama and attention to your medical/health event. The costume is adjustable to fit all size performers/ actors. Actually the costume wearer's head is in the great arteries. One Dream Design recommends the use of local talented performers/ actors to fill the costume and brief and catchy script writing by your facility to insure the character performs skillfully, However, local staff can also fill the character in non-speaking less intense performances.

Heartthrob is available for rent for trade show events and display, and hospital health fair exhibitions. Cost per rental is 700. per weekend or 350. per day. A refundable security deposit of 1500. is required to insure the costume is not returned damaged. Renter pays round trip shipping. For full sun and summer performances we recommend the additional rental and use of a cool vest to maintain a constant 65 degree body temperature inside the costume for 145.00. Call Us at 760-323-1567 if you have any questions about having heartrhob star at you next event.

Hearthrob™(©-all rights reserved) Is a healthy heart character developed by Adam Rubinstein Medical Illustrator.

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