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Unusual Exhibit of a Vascular System
with pulsing light

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The Artery
and Vein

A still photo of the 750 foot EL lighting array
Caught in action: A still photo of the 750 EL lighting display.
      A cool electronic display created for the Adventure Science Center built with ingenuity by Doug Pitts and Adam Rubinstein

Something new is pulsating at Nashville Tennessee's Adventure Science Center. In over 3000 neon like electro-luminescent wire rings, its a Las Vegas meets the human body, work of educational, vascular, ceiling art, that's got electrical engineers and visitors alike clamoring... How did they do that?

Answer: Electronics genius Doug Pitts, amusement and exhibit engineer, and Adam Rubinstein, Medical illustrator combined some sophisticated and unique new illumination technologies to create the other worldly effects.

If you have even the slightest interest in how your body works, visit "Body Quest", the Adventure Science Center's new wing in Nashville Tennessee.

Everything there is kid oriented, from the giant walk-in brain, to the animatronic heart which was also created by One Dream Design..
a new bendable flexible formed lighting product,  the end result of the exhibit project
A new flexible formable tubular lighting product was an offshoot of the exhibit buiding experience.

    "It was Doug Pitt's concept to go with the electro-luminescent wire, we knew it would be more difficult, and the technology is relatively very new, to incorporate it into an exhibit like this was a risk, but it was very captivating. It was the perfect solution as far as lighting goes, it generates very little heat, looks almost like neon, and allowed us to use a 360 ring of light around the artery and vein walls." Said Adam Rubinstein exhibit builder.

    What made it more difficult was its electromagnetic field and addressing each wire in sequence with the branching of the many arteries and veins.

Electrical Engineer Doug Pitts installing the 750 foot lighting array
Electrical Engineer Doug Pitts Installing the 750 foot lighting array.

    "Most exhibit designers would have just used rope light in drier hose to simulate the effect. But we decided early we had to come up with a solution that pushed the envelope." said Doug Pitts

     Our focus at the Adventure Science Center was to fabricate a display to educate patrons about heart disease and reduce heart disease mortality," says Adam Rubinstein, one of lighting designers, and creator of the heart exhibit. "The use of the foam tubes for the arteries was also a nice solution, it gave the perfect illusion of the branching arteries and veins. We were able to shape and bond it into an assortment of vascular forms".

blue vein lit up
A glowing section of vein.

     Another off shoot of our project was the development of a linkable 60 channel Electroluminescent Wire Sequencer. So it is now possible to sequence electrolumenescent wire in thousands of channels, also the speed and overlap of each of sequence effect can be modulated and controlled. One Dream Design is marketing the sequencer under the name of MegaSequence Elwire.

el wire sequencer
The Megasequence-EL wire.

Here is a movie of the Artery display in action, you may need the quicktime plugin to view it.

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